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Ten children’s books series that are great to re-read

In this post I want to share recommendations of two great children’s books series that my son is currently re-reading. Thinking about these reminded me of more series that are great to re-read. These are tried and tested great children’s books to get stuck into, read and re-read over and over.

The adventures of re-reading children’s books

There are many benefits for children in re-reading the same books. As well as helping to grasp vocabulary, fluency and confidence, it’s a great way for kids to unpick narratives and become really enthused about characters and worlds. This can especially be the case with re-reading books from a series of children’s books.

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Summer reading ideas for kids and grown-ups

Looking for summer reading material? We’ve put together our list of books to read for the school holidays so far.

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Kids’ summer reading

Here’s Toothy’s thoughts on what he has been reading so far this school holiday:

Gangster Granny, by David Walliams

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