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Tips to get children reading with confidence

Does your child lack reading confidence? Do they finding reading hard or do they lack interest or enjoyment in reading?

If you answer yes to any of these questions – don’t worry – you are not alone. Let me start by explaining one of the reasons I write on a blog about supporting children reading. At home we had always read a lot to our son, and he had always enjoyed books. However, when it came to the stage of reading for himself it did not always come easily to him. Well-meaning teaching professionals directed us to a lot of resources. These included intensive phonics programmes and many structured activities around reading. I worried a lot and started to look for more ways to support him.

Positive steps to get children reading with confidence

Beyond some overwhelming advice, I found some great tips and information to get children reading more. Most importantly, I found tips for children to enjoy reading and feel happy and confident about it. I want to share some of the ideas which worked best for us. These tips helped to reduce stress rather than adding to it. One of the most important lessons I learned is that this experience is not rare; and there are lots of positive steps that you can take.

So if you are feeling bewildered, try these tips to help get your children reading with confidence. Hopefully without reducing both you and them to tears. Because no child or parent needs that!

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