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This book blog contains reviews and recommendations of great books both for children and their parents.

Spangles’ Reading Inspiration is here to:

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  • provide tips and advice to support children’s reading enjoyment and
  • be a resource if you are looking for your own next read

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About us

I’m Angela (also known as Spangles) and I absolutely love books. I love finding and exploring new books and sharing reading with my son and others. I enjoy a wide range of book genres. My favourite reading materials include sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, drama, classics and graphic novels. When I am not writing or reading, I work in adult education and with children on creative projects. My nickname, Spangles, was given to me by my friends at university. I was going through a stage of sparkly clothes (it was the 90’s – weren’t we all?). The name seemed to fit my personality and it kind of stuck.

Angela S "Spangles" book blogger
As you can see I am as tall as a “Complete Wonka” and much taller than a “Vermicious Knid” as we found out at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Why write a book blog?

I write and put together this blog because I want to share my enthusiasm for books and hear more from others about the books they love. As well as enjoying reading myself, it makes me so happy to hear my child rave about the latest adventures and plot twists he has read in a book.

Who’s Toothy?

Toothy is my son’s nickname, he is a fan of Minecraft, Lego and action and adventure books. He is mentioned often and contributes much inspiration to this blog. Due to his age range, many of the children’s books I discuss or review are middle-grade fiction, although I do branch out and cover other age ranges also.

How this blog came about

You may find some past posts on this blog about topics other than books and reading. When I began writing here I was writing about all sorts. I enjoyed sharing tips on coping as a parent, staying focused and dealing with the different pieces of the challenging puzzle that make up our lives. But like many things in life there comes a time when you have to juggle less and focus on one area.

I realised that you can’t cover or do everything. Instead I decided to focus on one particular area of our geeky family life; books and reading. Like a lot of families ours has had its ups and downs with reading. But in the end we have come to the conclusion that it is best to take the stress out of reading, and enjoy the fun and pleasure that books bring.

Concentrating on the love of books and reading

At the heart of this blog is encouraging a love of books in children. This means keeping the enthusiasm for books alive, always finding exciting new books to read, and offering children a lot of reading options. This way, ultimately they can find their own way to the reading that they love.

A book blog for parents and kids – made by parents and kids

This blog features recommendations and reviews of some of our favourite kids books, and tips on encouraging and supporting children’s reading. I also review and recommend books for us grown-ups to escape and unwind with. When we are worried about our children’s reading it can be easy to forget about our own reading. And did you know that children who see their parents and carers reading are more likely to want to read themselves? So taking that time for yourself to enjoy a good book is great for your kids too!

I hope you will also want to share your tips on reading with your family and having fun along the way. It would be great to hear what works for you and what you’re reading and enjoying.

Affiliate disclaimer

Please note that some links included in this website are affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission from any sales which results from clicking through to purchase. This costs you nothing extra and helps support Spangles’ Reading Inspiration to keep providing book reviews, reading tips and advice. It helps us to cover the costs of maintaining a website. Plus there’s the countless hours that go into writing, research and editing. And, well… we have to eat!

I do not receive any compensation for reviewing books or other products. I give my honest opinion and only recommend reads and activities which we have enjoyed or found useful. For further information please see my Review Policy.

Any questions?

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact me using the form below.

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